How I Meal Plan as a High-Protein Vegetarian

by | Jul 19, 2022

Meal planning is one of the keys to being successful when you have fitness and health goals to meet. As a busy freelance web developer and a mom to two kids who play multiple sports throughout the year, meal prepping is also a sanity saver during the busy seasons of our lives.

Vegetarian Meal Planning Resources

I’ve utilized several different meal planning sources, both free and paid. I really loved the simplicity and straightforwardness of both TheFresh20 and SlenderKitchen’s meal planning services. However, as an athlete, I have found that both of their vegetarian plans do not include enough protein to be usable without making heavy modifications, and most of their non-vegetarian plans rely on cooking methods that are not easily transferable to vegetarian protein sources (roasting, grilling, etc).

Macro-friendly Meal Planning Resources

I started following Jordo’s World earlier this year, and her approach to meal planning is a little different and one that I’ve been able to replicate as a vegetarian. Instead of planning three meals a day for seven days, she plans to breakfast, two lunches, and two dinners, plus snacks for her week. While most of her recipes are not vegetarian friendly, her breakfast and her dessert and snack options are usually spot on.

When I’m eating at maintenance calories, I love the blog Joanne Eats Well With Others for tasty, hardy, healthy vegetarian recipes. Her calorie counts are also a little high, and her protein is also a little low. When I’m eating in a cut or calorie deficit, I utilize Skinnytaste recipes. She’s not a vegetarian, but her recipes are macro-friendly and usually there’s at least one meatless option. Between these three sources I usually find more than enough ideas for my recipe needs for the week. I also keep veggie burgers, plant nuggets, and plant chicken pieces in my freezer for those too-tired-to-cook nights.

Shopping for Vegetarian Macro-Friendly Meals

Once I have my recipes, I use the Paprika app to house all my recipes, plan a menu, and add all ingredients to my shopping list. I’ve used a few other recipe apps but this one is my favorite and syncs between my laptop and my phone. It’d be cool if they had a way for users to automatically send ingredients to Instacart – hopefully someday!

In the next few weeks, I hope to share out some actual meal plans so you can see just how I make this all work as a high-protein vegetarian. Stay tuned!